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33kV dry type transformer, also known as dry type transformer, is an efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly power conversion equipment. It uses air as the insulation medium and has higher fire and explosion resistance than traditional oil-immersed transformers.

(33kv dry type transformer)

Characteristics of 33kV dry-type transformer

  1. High-efficiency performance: Due to their advanced cooling technology and materials, dry-type transformers are highly efficient and can reduce energy losses.
  2. Flexible configuration: Easy to customize according to different needs, meeting the needs of various power systems.
  3. Low maintenance cost: The maintenance cost is relatively low due to its simple structure and long lifespan.
  4. Non-polluting: Due to its non-oily design, dry-type transformers will not produce oil pollution during operation.

Application fields of 33kV dry-type transformer

  1. Renewable energy systems: Electricity conversion in new energy channels such as wind and solar energy.
  2. Data centres and communication facilities require a stable power supply and efficient conversion.
  3. Industrial automation and motor drive: providing various motors with the required voltage and current.
  4. Urban infrastructure: The power system in public transportation facilities such as subways and bus systems.
(33kv dry type transformer)

Factors to consider when choosing a 33kV dry-type transformer

  1. Capacity and voltage level: Select the appropriate capacity and voltage level according to actual needs.
  2. Cooling method and protection level: Select the appropriate cooling method and level according to environmental conditions.
  3. Materials and manufacturing processes: Considering the lifespan and stability of the equipment, choose high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes.
  4. Cost and Maintenance: Balancing initial purchase costs with long-term maintenance costs.

Maintenance and upkeep of 33kV dry-type transformer

  1. Regular inspection: Check the appearance, fasteners, and surrounding environment of the transformer to ensure no abnormalities.
  2. Cleaning and dust removal: Regularly clean the surface of the transformer to remove dust and dirt and maintain good heat dissipation.
  3. Preventive testing: Regular electrical performance testing is conducted to ensure the normal operation of the transformer.
  4. Recording and reporting: Detailed maintenance records to facilitate tracking equipment status.

Precautions for using a 33kV dry-type transformer

  1. Avoid overload operation: Prolonged overload may cause equipment overheating and damage.
  2. Prevent electromagnetic interference: Ensure the equipment is installed away from strong electromagnetic fields.
  3. Maintain appropriate ventilation: Ensure sufficient ventilation around the transformer for heat dissipation.
  4. Follow safety regulations: Electrical safety regulations should be followed during operation.
(33kv dry type transformer)


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