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Introduction to Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

Introduction to Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

Titanium carbide also known as TiC is a very common transition metal carbide featuring a NaCl cube crystals, high melting point, high hardness and high Young's molecular, high chemical stability, wear as well as corrosion resistant as well as excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Thus, it is able to be used in numerous uses and a huge potential for cutting tools, aerospace components, anti-wear coatings, foam, and infrared radiation ceramics materials.

Utilization of Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

1. Useful to make a variety of multiphase materials

Titanium carbide clays are super hard tool materials, TiC and TiN, WCand A12O and other raw materials comprised of multiphase ceramics They have a high melting point, a high hardness and exceptional chemical stability. is the material of choice for cutting tools and wear-resistant parts while at the same time they offer excellent electrical conductivity and is the most commonly used material for electrodes.

Cutting tool material: As a result of some percentages of TiC hard particles dispersed in the matrix, the cutting tools made of composites not only help to further improve the hardness, but also to a some extent, enhance the strength of the fracture, more than the raw tool's cutting performance a lot. A12o3 system ceramics can serve as armoring materials. It is a suitable tool material. the toughness is more than (C N, C) and Ti(C, N) because of N to use it on steel as well as other cutting materials friction reduction is drastically reduced. It has many advantages when cutting. Combining the advantages of Ti and (C N, C) to form multiphase ceramics, it is a promising tool material is able to be made.

2. As coating materials

Diamond coating: This production process for diamond tools follows generally the powder metallurgy impregnation method. Due to the high interfacial energy between diamond and any general metal the diamond's surface can't be permeated by alloys or metals with a lower melting point and its bonding capability is not great. Recently, many scholars have conducted a lot of research to increase the bond strength between metal and diamond. The method of active metal is the one most frequently used technique, which involves adding an amount of titanium in the metal bond vanadium, vanadium, and chromium. other active metal, tool in the liquid phase sintering The active metal is composed of high carbon molecules to form elements, and the affinity for diamonds is huge, which allows for increase the strength of the diamond surface to enable the metallurgical union of metal bond and diamond. However, the strength at the interface can be affected by the amount of active metal, sintering temperatures along with other variables. This requires for the breaking down of binder in order to enable the enrichment of active metal toward the interface, due to the fact that this method is not appropriate for hot pressing sintering of diamond and metal powder in a very short solid phase.

3. For preparing foam ceramics

As a filter, foam ceramics have the ability to remove impurities throughout all types of fluids and its filtering mechanism is the agitation and adsorption. The filter demands the chemical durability of the material particularly in the field of metallurgical production with a high melting point filtering. This type of material will oxidize in the majorityof cases, but it also has the ability to adjust to the filtering process of metal melt, the principal goal and goal of thermal shock resistivity. Titanium carbide foam ceramics possess greater strength, harderness, electrical conductivity and heat, along with corrosion and heat resistance than oxide foam ceramics.

4. For use in infrared radiation materials

Titanium Carbide is a form of intermetallic material, typically showed good chemical stability, not undergoing any changes in valence and is under high-temperature reduction in the making of samples, parts of titanium ions show a delay effect to appear, intending to melt into the structure of cordierite location, and changes in the structure. If compared with a single metal its radiation performance of this material is substantially improved, making it good for application in the area of high temperatures.

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