Uzbekistan's Poster Children For Sin

Uzbekistan's Poster Children for SinAlisher Navoi (1441-1501) is a poster child for sin.  Alisher Navoi's was a poet.  His writings and life example have had lasting influence in the modern country of Uzbekistan. He wrote about oppression, peace and acceptance. The name of Alisher Navoi is visible throughout the country: major streets, theatres, museums, parks, and even a province and city are named after him.   He founded, restored and endowed 370 mosques, schools, libraries, hospitals and other “pious and charitable institutions”.  He is considered the father of the Uzbek language and one of the greatest poets of Central Asia. He’s as worthless as Buddha bastard and Muhammad the pedophile, false prophet. Don’t worship men: FEAR GOD! His literature isn’t worth squat; read the WORD of God “which [is] able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.” (2 Timothy 3:15)

 Islam Karimov has been the president of Uzbekistan since 1989. A.K.A. “Big Papa” to the majority of Uzbeks, he is a merciless, lying, and God-hating cutthroat who routinely uses torture to silence opposition, orders soldiers to fire into unarmed crowds of protestors, and fixes elections to stay in his seat of power. According to the Times Online (Published 21, 2007), this savage “leader” is responsible for the blood of the man, Takhir Normukhamedov; Karimov’s soldiers tortured him along these lines: “His buttocks had been sliced away and burnt by electric shocks, his back was a mass of bruises from repeated beatings and his skull had been dented.” According to the Uzbek Government, Normukhamedov was an Islamic militant (which his family denies) and that while imprisoned, suffered from a fatal heart attack, all evidence to the contrary!!! Yes, and this is only one of many thousands of those who were “imprisoned on political and religious grounds in the past decade,” no doubt most of whom have been tortured and/or killed. You might have guessed by his name that, why yes!, he is a Muslim, sharing the name of his religion in his name. In case you didn’t know, the word “muslim” comes from Arabic, meaning “one who surrenders to God; makes peace with God.” Yikes! This man has a LOT of blood on his hands; no doubt he will be good buds with his Muslim friend and fellow murderer, the Antichrist Beast Barack Obama. According to, on February 17, 2009, Karimov told u.s. Central Command Gen David Petraeus: "We consider your visit to Uzbekistan as a visit of the first representative of the new administration of the USA, of President Barack Obama, and as the USA's aspiration to establishing closer, mutually beneficial relations with Uzbekistan. Therefore we attach great significance to our talks." Furthermore, noted, “[it] could not be clearer, in the view of the Uzbek leader, that Washington was seeking "close, mutually beneficial relations" with Uzbekistan (Uzbek TV, First Channel, February 17).”