Northern Mariana Islands's Filthy Manner of Life

Northern Mariana Islands's Filthy Manner of LifeThis territory of the US known as the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), population under 48,000 which mostly is centered on the Island of Saipan, is wrought with government corruption, sex-trafficking, forced labor and crime.

Sex-trafficking/Forced Labor/Forced Abortions-

According to a 1999 Global Survivor Network report, “CNMI has become a center of international human trafficking operations, with connections to China, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.”  Minimum wage laws of the US do not apply in CNMI allowing companies to expect work performed by their local and foreign employees for long hours and many times 7 days a week.  Mostly young women are lured by better paying jobs than their own countries seeking employment in the tourism and garment industries but are often trafficked into the sex-industry. As the demand for production super cedes anything else, many pregnant garment workers were forced to have abortions, fearing being fired or contracts not renewed. Since 2009, after investigations into human trafficking into ‘sweatshops’ by the US government, there are no longer any garment factories in CNMI, leaving the country with 60% of its population that are not even citizens but simply ‘contract workers’ with no legal rights and no jobs.  According to an investigative article by Rebecca Clarren for Ms. Magazine titled, Paradise Lost: Greed, Sex slavery, Forced Abortions and Right-wing Moralists, “90% of the island’s prostitutes are former Chinese garment workers.”


Many families consist of women who have multiple fathers to their children. Not being content to obey God and remain one man, one woman for life and influenced by the filthy Catholic whore, these rebellious parents charged by their lust seek adultery with multiple partners resulting in many children not knowing their fathers, nor the mother’s having any legal rights to seek child support. As if the Catholic Church has any moral authority to deny divorce with her raping priests running rampant!

Child Molestation

Local papers describe frequent cases of child molestation. Surely, their beloved raping Catholic priests have taught them well!


There are reports of many housemaids being murdered as an alternative to just firing them in the 1990’s. The US responded by regulating employment of housemaids in the CNMI. Nice.