God's Wrath Revealed Against Mauritania

God's Wrath Revealed Against MauritaniaLike the Malians their neighbors, the Mauritanians are plagued by drought, flooding and locust invasions. “The country is highly susceptible to variations in rainfall and recurring drought is typical. According to the UN World Food Programme (WFP), this has resulted in severely undermined food security throughout the country, especially in southern regions.” From IRIN News.org.

"Mauritania is very hot and receives extremely little rain throughout the year. The rainy season extends from July to October. Water-bourne, parasitic and food-bourne diseases are common in Mauritania." From Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

As of 2008, an estimated 14,000 people have AIDS in Mauritania. From AVERT.org.

In October 2004, swarms of locusts invaded Mauritania, eating entire farmers’ harvests in a matter of hours; famine loomed over the country. For your information, 80% of Mauritanians make their living from farming or livestock, so this was absolutely devastating to this poor country. From BBC News.

Reported January 26, 2004, also reported by BBC News, foolish Moor (Arab) Mauritanian parents have been reported, in the last generation, to have been force-feeding to the point of screaming, their young girls, approximately one in three and more recently, one in ten. Why? Because being fat is a sign of wealth. Yes! They feed them to the point that the government describes as “life-threatening.” God-smack, brutish parents! God hates you!