Ireland's Poster Children For Sin

Bono - Ireland's Poster Child for Sin

U2, led by jackass Bono, is amongst the most ardent and influential fag enablers on the planet, setting a filthy example for people all over the world. For example, Bono supported Bill Clinton for president, and proudly proclaimed that his victory in 1992 was a victory for homosexuals. Bono has stuck his vile nose into the socio-political arena worldwide, including thinking he's going to remove God's curse of AIDS (good luck with that Bono - let me know how that turns out for you). Bono, along with the rest of the band, are proud drunkards, womanizers, perverts, and, of course, "Christians."

A most vile and damaging fag poster child for sin, sprouting from Irelands vile soil, is the brute beast Catholic priest Oliver OGrady whom Ireland unleashed to molest children around the world and then welcomed home to Ireland for his cushy retirement just outside the reach of the criminal courts where his victims reside. (Not REALLY outside their reach ... only willingly so hed be scooped up and locked up in the blink of an eye if they were really willing.)

Oscar Wilde is touted as the most famous homosexual in Irish history. Born in 1854 in Dublin, Ireland, Wilde behaved typical of most sexual perverts. Although blessed with a wife and sons, he despised those blessings and fancying himself part of the creative class as fags often do, worshipping themselves and other creatures MUCH more than their Creator arranged his affairs so that he hooked up with and carried on a fag affair with Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas, the third son of the Marquis of Queensberry. Having done that for a few years, when things went south upon the discovery of that mess, Wilde pulled this fag trick out of the bag: He sued Bosies dad for libel ... for calling him a homosexual. Yikes! When that dog wouldnt hunt for him, he let that suit go ... and then spent two years hard labor after he was arrested and convicted of gross indecency. At least back in the late 1800s they werent too cowardly to call it exactly what is was: gross indecency.

Other blossoming fag perverts from Ireland include:

  • Stephen Gately, a little girlish boyband singer who declared his fagdom in a large newspaper ... one step ahead of his security detail who busted him in all his nastiness.
  • Graham Norton, a television talk show host-type, who tried but didnt quite make it in America (not perverse enough in his presentation, likely), but who now hawks his openly corrupt wares on the BBC.
  • Emma Donoghue whos quip when she was introduced as the most famous Irish lesbian at an American Library Association Conference presentation, Im the only lesbian in Ireland, underscored not only the all about me infantile mindset of fags/dykes, but the increasing militancy by and acceptance of fags in Ireland.