God's Wrath Revealed Against Gambia

God's Wrath on GambiaUNICEF reports that in 2001, two-thirds of the population lived in poverty, making $330 per year. Reproductive Health Journal reports that “[levels] of maternal mortality in the Gambia are unacceptably high and are ranked among the highest in Africa, estimated at 1,050 per 100,000 [.]” Good; you murder your babies; God kills the mothers. Thank God!

Reported September 8, 2010- Heavy rain brought floodwaters that destroyed hundreds of homes and left thousands more homeless. The phony Christians pretend that “God loves you,” but those affected by this GodSmack say, “But how is that relevant to the kind of challenge in the situation I’m facing currently?”  In other words, they’re not feeling the love. Thank God! He shows himself unloving to the unloving Gambians (that is, they don’t love their neighbors: http://www.twitvid.com/OZ8ME).