Cambodia's Poster Children For Sin

Cambodia's Poster Children for SinNorodom Sihanouk (former King of Cambodia, reigned 1941-1955 and 1993-October 7, 2004) - From Wikipedia… “In February 2004, the issue of gay rights in Cambodia was discussed by then King-Father Norodom Sihanouk. King Sihanouk wrote on his web site he was impressed by marriage of same-sex partners in San Francisco, and that if his people wished for gay marriage to be legalized in Cambodia, he would do so. King Sihanouk also stated that he believed that God views homosexuals, as well as transvestites, as equal because "[God loves] wide range of tastes". However, this view is not widely accepted in Cambodia and, as King Sihanouk was a constitutional monarch and had no executive powers, no marriage laws have since been enacted.” He’s a serpentine liar like the snake in the Garden of Eden: “God doesn’t hate fags…” Why, NO sucker, you’re WRONG! God does! See Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:32; Psalm 5:5, for a few examples. You know he’s lying ‘cause his fingers are typing!

Hun Sen (Prime Minister of Cambodia, assumed office November 30, 1998)- According to The China Post, in October 2007, Sen’s adopted daughter was revealed to be a dyke. YIKES; how did that happen, dude? He didn’t have a policy of OBEDIENCE in his house to the One True God. So, this fool explained his intent to disown her, but in the same breath, he decided to prop up fag filth, asking “parents and society not to discriminate against them (gays).” ““Most of them are good people and are not doing alchol, drugs or racing vehicles” like the members of youth gangs, he added.” This coward will not defend the Word of God, refusing to put that whorish dyke to death as is the prescribed remedy of God Almighty, per Romans 1:32 and Leviticus 20:13. He is under the curse of God, as is the country that he is taking to Hell with him. Shame on you!