God's Wrath Revealed Against Cambodia

God's Wrath Revealed Against CambodiaAccording to Utopia as of 2004, for causing (that is, forcing them) and teaching your daughters to be whores and your men to be whoremongers, God has cursed 170,000 cowardly, violent men and whorish, murderous women of Cambodia’s adult population (2.8%) with HIV and AIDS. Additionally, 80,000 Cambodians have already died of AIDS since 1993. Of course, it is impossible to deny that your cowardly, raping “men” have the choke hold of your sexual trafficking victims, 73.4% of whom have tested positive for STIs and AIDS per the United Nations Development Programme. YOU DID THAT, you murdering, God-hating, filthy, violent Cambodian bastards! Instead of getting right with God, you have waxed worse and worse. It is a MERCIFUL thing for God to send your filthy backsides into Hell; He, if it were possible, is TOO MERCIFUL to you ungrateful, proud rebels!

According to this Gateway of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as of 2009, Domestic Violence affects one out of three Cambodian women. One again, the murdering, God-hating, filthy, violent Cambodian bastards show their true colors! Congratulations for being known as Cambodia, where the women are beaten and smacked!

According to Utopia, “one in eight children dies before age five.” According to UNICEF, “Cambodia has the highest infant and under-five mortality rates in the [South-eastern Asia] region, at 97 and 141 per 1,000 live births, respectively. Vaccine-preventable diseases, [diarrhea], and respiratory infections are among the leading causes of childhood death. Maternal mortality is also high[…] Malnutrition affects most Cambodian children: 45 per cent show moderate or severe stunting."

According to World Health Statistics 2006, the maternal mortality rate in Cambodia is 450 per 100,000 live births.

According to LICADHO (Cambodian League for the Promotion of Human Rights), at least 44 “Acid Attacks” were committed between December 1999 to November 2002. According to VOANews.com, the “Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity supports roughly 200 survivors of acid burns since 2006.” From LICADHO’s site, “Acid throwers mainly use sulfuric or nitric acid, which are two of the strongest acids and can eat through the skin, muscle and even bones of humans.”  Oftentimes, a jealous wife will throw this acid into the face of her husband’s mistress or mistresses, to disfigure the woman so that the husband will not want her. Occasionally, although less often, men are the victims of this gruesome act as well as children. This acid can be obtained from car and motorcycle batteries, diluted, or undiluted and more dangerous for about 3,000 Riels per liter. For an idea of the cost of such an atrocity, here’s a shocking exchange rate:  3,000 riels is about $.75 in Doomed american dollars.

Recent GodSmacks List:

September 2009- Typhoon Ketsana killed 9 and destroyed 78 houses.

August 29, 2009- Mekong River flooding killed 21, affected 10,000, and damaged 1000 hectares of vegetation.

November 28, 2001- Slum Fire in Phnom Penh left 1 dead, 12,000 homeless, and 800 wooden shacks destroyed.

1975-1979- The Khmer Rouge, a communist movement in Cambodia led by Saloth Sar the bloody tyrant (a.k.a. “Pol Pot”), engineered asystematic genocide of their fellow Cambodians, and their direct involvement in slave labor, malnutrition, poor medical care, and executions, killed approximately 1.7 to 2.5 million Cambodians, about 21% of the population.  From Wikipedia.

1969- Massive bombing produced by bloody american B-52 bombers, using napalm and art cluster-bombs during the Vietnam War, killed approximately 600,000-750,000 civilians. Many more were wounded and maimed. In addition, Agent Orange “caused birth defects and rendered significant areas of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia too toxic for people to live in or farm - creating an environmental disaster that will continue to affect many generations to come." From The Truth Seeker.